Month: August 2015

Daydream #1

I saw them, and they saw me. Vic called me to the stage and together with Jaime or Tony, they call throw me into the mob where I will finally achieved one of my greatest dreams ever – to crowd surf. The song was “Hell Above” and I can feel different hand on my back. It was the happiest night of my life. ‘With heaven above you, there’s hell over me,’ I said in my thoughts like the lyrics do. I moshpit along with the people I never knew, ones I can call friends for a while knowing that we are all singing and loving the same band. I’ve been running in circles during the circle of pit, bumping to anyone in my way during Wall of Death, and the never ending crowd surfing and body slamming. Oh god, it was a perfect night. I sang along with the other supporters. I knew every songs and my favorite was played – Million Dollar Houses and The Boy Who Could Fly (+Southern Constellations) since I requested them to Vic a day before the event, when I met my boys during the press conference.

They also played “Stay Away From My Friends” where I played the keyboards and sang some of the highpitched notes, performing a duet with Vic. ‘You don’t know what it was like, to wake up in the middle of the night, scaring the thought of kissing razors.

I was also there when my loves played Caraphernelia, but that time, I was the one in Jeremy’s placed, growling and screaming my part. The whole crowd went crazy. Of course, a girl who can growl while walking, running, jumping, and headbanging on the stage is definitely an amazing girl. I never left the stage since then and for the encore, I was the one in Kellin’s position while the band was performing King For A Day. I was also given a crown, Queen (King) for a day. Confetti fell from the ceiling and there were fireworks coming out in front simultaneously for less than a minute. For a short period of time, I knew why the band loves to play in stage. The supporters were all heart-warming, and they were all cheering and screaming out for you. You know you were appreciated by them. Oh god, I repeat in my head. This is a perfect night. 

I’ve decided to write my daydream here so I wouldn’t waste it. I told you, I was so lonely earlier for an unknown reason and these thoughts came into my mind while I am trying to ease my feelings up while listening to my favorite band. I will always, always, always love Pierce the Veil.