Things to remember by this 2016

  1. Enjoy life more by doing what you think is fun for you, no matter how boring it may be to others.
  2. Go out more often than the times you went out in 2015. Even if you’re just going to a nearby sari-sari store. Come on, you need some air and sunlight.
  3. Write. Even if it’s none sense, don’t stop writing.
  4. Admire poetry.
  5. Read more books.
  6. Go back to writing some love and encouraging notes for your better half. What happened in the past, should be better left in the past.
  7. Care less. Be less sensitive. It’s not always about you.
  8. Stalk less. Be satisfied and contented with what you have.
  9. Lessen your insecurities. It’s not easy to to eradicate the jealousy that you have in you. But pursue to lessen it until it’s gone.
  10. Appreciate every moments. Treasure every memories.


Imported from my previous blog. Originally written last December 31, 2015


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