The Million Dollar Question

And here’s to ask the million dollar question:

What’s the point really? Of living our everyday lives? I don’t think we wake up every morning because of your god, or your lord, or your messiah, or whatever prophet or deity you are ought to believe.

Tell me, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind as you open your eyes the first time you wake up. I don’t remember my dreams well, and the only thing that is clear to me is the ceiling. I wake up, take a bath, brush my teeth, dress up, then go directly to my 10-7 routine at work. The longer this is happening, the more I am questioning this – what’s the point really?

Why? Why can’t we just go away from these people who don’t have anything in their minds but fame and social stability? Why can’t we just go as far as the pacific and drown ourselves with thoughts that, we, ourselves, can only understand? Tell me, why can’t I just simply run away faster than the north breeze and be whenever I want with green fields and never-ending sunset? I know, I know life isn’t fair, and things aren’t easy, but do we have to experience bad times all the time? If we have no rights to see the good in ourselves then where’s the “unfair” in that consistency? I’m in constant demise.

You see, we just want to be know the feeling of having a freedom to experience what our soul seek to find. We just want to make peace between with the amends of our inner self – or selves. Never worry. Once we taste the ecstasy in this nirvana, a small dose is enough to bring us back to reality. No, we’re not ambitious to stay that way. We know that life is unfair. We know our limits. And for so long while living in this despair, we’ve managed to build our own homes within our sorrow where we find our box of comfort. Trust me, without these, we are nothing. Masochistic? I think not. We are just used to it. Tell me, how hard is it for you to leave home?


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