Paris – The 1975

Listening to that song right now. Since last week.

Is there a danger in daydreaming? My sense of reality is starting to crush. I am starting to believe that I am a lost daughter of a French Royale who they want to get connected to again after 21 years of suffering from life and its void. And here I am getting instant rich with money to use to replenish what my “foster” family miss – a prospered house, head-turning cars, good business, and a high sense of comfort and security.

I am also starting to get lost in thoughts that I am happy with a lover who accepts me for who I am – possibly my present boyfriend or my present crush, George Daniel of The 1975. We’re happy wandering in Paris, getting baked in Amsterdam, trespassing in the secret areas of Vatican, and probably enjoying the nights in London filled with booze and good smoke. I’ll wake up in the arms of my lover, unaware of the time. It will stay for a while before I go back and run the business I have created for me.

I. AM. GETTING. CRAZIER. Help mee ee.


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