About Klootch

Klootch. I will name this website Klootch derived from Nadsat language which means “key.”If you don’t know what Nadsat is, I would suggest consulting our friendly Google since for it came from one of the most intelligent pieces of literary ever made in this world.

Going back, Klootch is where I will leave everything (that I can)and please be reminded that this blog is MINE and MINE only. Whatever posted here, may it be articles, how to’s, photographs, pictures, and others are all mine unless stated. Klootch is created to express my views, thoughts, and realization in a more formal (kinda) way. It may also be created to simply juice out my thoughts that may appear randomly at times. May it be a topic of my personal rants, endeavours, drama, angst, adventure, belief, skepticism, etc., kindly bear with me. I welcome readers, but keep in mind that I may not care about your opinions or concerns. Rest assured that I will notice any comments or suggestions left, though I will not comply for a reply.

As for your humble narrator, I’m a young girl who likes porn, books, music, beef, steaks, odd movies, and solitude. Yes, I like being alone at times, but I have also been devoured by a nice, environmental adventure. Sometimes. Feel free to call me Luna.


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