Fuck Me

I would like to run away,

Sir, Maam, can you help me even for a day?


I am so tired of painting a happy portrait

I am so tired of fooling people with this fake trait


I am long lost, I am not here,

It’s been so long, and I miss the old me

I want to be home again, with the real self of mine

Would it be possible, tell me, will I ever be fine?


Who am I pertaining to?

I wish this world would stay quiet

Even for a while, for a minute for an hour

I hope to feel that kind of tranquillity

Oh, what a bliss, to experience such serenity


I hope to run away, far from where I am

Romanticize solitary,

In private, I’d be lovely


Gone, I want to go away

Adieu, farewell, so long, goodbye

Oh how I yearn to be as far away as possible

Away from everyone, away from you