About Luna

Luna \loo-nah\


: a person’s codename

: a person who may or may not exist

: a person who is so unpredictable

: a person who knows how to hide his/her own emotions to others

: a person who can’t describe his/her real feelings to anyone without being too emotional or harsh

: being lunatic

I am strange. In this blog, you either have to deal with it or leave. Your home button may or may not be present but exit or back, I’m sure, is visible in your toolbar. I rant about various things and I try to be consistent at times. But living for more than a decade, I have a strong sense of feeling that I can no longer control my mood. My sense of direction when it comes to my way thinking cannot be trusted as well.

I am strange with the way I fancy things that normal people don’t usually care about. I often talk about death, insecurities, power, dilemmas, and things related. I believe that this blog will be my platform to release my inner problems or thoughts that I never bothered to share with anyone. I don’t believe that honesty and connection are real anymore. I’ve loved, and I felt cheated. I’ve been betrayed by the people I love, and I’ve been ruined ever since. I am not special. I believe that there’s really nothing special here with me. If you find anything interesting that may sound special to you, it is just my way of writing to exaggerate some sentences.

I write, and I believe that there is a power in writing. I don’t believe in the happy ending. I hate endings, but I don’t usually ha