Month: December 2015

Things to remember by this 2016

  1. Enjoy life more by doing what you think is fun for you, no matter how boring it may be to others.
  2. Go out more often than the times you went out in 2015. Even if you’re just going to a nearby sari-sari store. Come on, you need some air and sunlight.
  3. Write. Even if it’s none sense, don’t stop writing.
  4. Admire poetry.
  5. Read more books.
  6. Go back to writing some love and encouraging notes for your better half. What happened in the past, should be better left in the past.
  7. Care less. Be less sensitive. It’s not always about you.
  8. Stalk less. Be satisfied and contented with what you have.
  9. Lessen your insecurities. It’s not easy to to eradicate the jealousy that you have in you. But pursue to lessen it until it’s gone.
  10. Appreciate every moments. Treasure every memories.


Imported from my previous blog. Originally written last December 31, 2015



Hi K,

I hope you’re feeling good by the time you wake up in the morning for your work. I hope you don’t feel the kind of weariness that  stress has brought upon you. You are young, yes. But I am pretty sure that you do know your responsibilities, that’s why you’re doing what you are dealing with today. I am also pretty sure that you want to be happy and fulfill your needs, probably why you’re doing this, also.

I hope you don’t feel like you are alone because you are not. You have your best friend/s, friend/s, and when you can’t count on them, I am and will always be here for you no matter how busy and full my schedule is. I promise.

I know what we have right now is weird. Why wouldn’t it be? Months ago, I was cursing you to sleep. I was so insecure, and I envy you like I want to have what you have. I never thought you are a person with a pure heart, with a Jesus-like humility.


K, the moment you talked to me tonight after weeks of not communicating, I wish we could spend few more hours to have a conversation like normal friends, do. You told me how you were so bummed out at work, and I saw how you want to get over with it and start with something new. But then, I already saw you before getting excited (a bit), and how you were looking forward to this new job.

You need this to feed that lust in your soul to find yourself. Out of all people, I’m sure you need something like this because I want you to see and appreciate the beauty in your soul, how you and the splendid nature that we have right now would look good together. Trust me, I am already imagining your smile when you can run free with the waves of the sea, or your laughter whenever that breeze would blow your hair the way it blows the branches of the trees.

“This too shall pass,” I said. And I hope you will remember that. I don’t want you to push and stay right where you are when I am not sure if you are still strong enough to embrace the stress that hard work always brings. But one thing is for sure: You deserve to be happy. So no matter what your decision is, I will support you and trust that you will never be alone in your battles.

It may not look like much but I will always be here for you. Like the moon, I will try to lighten you up through your dark moments. I will never leave you. You just called me your friend, right? I hope you mean that.

Stay safe,



Imported from my previous blog. Originally written last December 29, 2015. 

Fuck Me

I would like to run away,

Sir, Maam, can you help me even for a day?


I am so tired of painting a happy portrait

I am so tired of fooling people with this fake trait


I am long lost, I am not here,

It’s been so long, and I miss the old me

I want to be home again, with the real self of mine

Would it be possible, tell me, will I ever be fine?

Who am I pertaining to?

I wish this world would stay quiet

Even for a while, for a minute for an hour

I hope to feel that kind of tranquillity

Oh, what a bliss, to experience such serenity


I hope to run away, far from where I am

Romanticize solitary,

In private, I’d be lovely


Gone, I want to go away

Adieu, farewell, so long, goodbye

Oh how I yearn to be as far away as possible

Away from everyone, away from you